The Power of Reading – ConnectED

Today Year 6 joined the ConnectED – Power of Reading session. We heard from two business employees who both work in Canary Wharf; one as a lawyer and one in property assets.

They discussed the power of reading in their jobs and where they are required to use reading in their professional life. Hopefully this inspired some of our Year 6s to think that they could work in jobs like this!

Melissa the lawyer talking about Reading being her superpower.
Reading isn’t always easy!

National Poetry Day – 6H

We had a great afternoon in Year 6 performing the classic poem ‘Dog in the Playground’ by Alan Alhberg.

We took advice from the legend Michael Rosen:

Here are a couple of our performances we knocked up this afternoon:

Wah Yuan the tearaway dog causes trouble in 6KH

We also enjoyed watching this video from Sheen Mount Primary School performing another of Alan’s poems! I reckon they spent a lot of time practising this one!

Summer Reading Challenge!

Summer Reading Challenge

This year’s Summer Reading Challenge is being launched on 5th June and will end in September.

Sign up and join the Silly Squad, a bunch of animals who love to have a laugh and read lots of funny books.

Once you have you have signed up you can read books, earn badges, get rewards and play games to earn more points.

You can read books from home or if you are a member of a public library you can borrow e-books/audio books through Leeds Libraries ( or download the borrow-box app (

What are you waiting for?!

Click on the link and join now!

Miss Whiteley

Miss Hall Rates Reading #7

Hello all 🙂

Here’s the 7th episode in Miss Hall Rates Reading. In this video I’m going to be talking about Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer. This is a great crime, thriller, fantasy, adventure book that really transcends genre boundaries. Let me know what you think!

Miss Hall Rates Reading #5

Hello all!

Today’s book is not one from my childhood but a more recently published book which is set during WW2. The book follows the story of a 10-year-old called Felix who is Jewish and lives in Poland during the time of Nazi occupation.

Let me know what you think. Have you already read this?