Our new Free Little Library…

On Friday our very own Free little library was installed outside the entrance of school.  Anyone can borrow books and return them after reading or if you have books at home you can donate books for others to enjoy. Thank you to Mrs Whiteley and the members of the school council who have been working on this project the last term. It’s a wonderful addition to our school so please enjoy using it. 😊

Reading Blog Challenge! Can you name the Roald Dahl books from the character clues below? Post your answers on here for a chance to win 20 housepoints!

Book 1. Somehow it’s a big yet very friendly thing.

Book 2. He mixes things from the bathroom to create an unpleasant liquid for his dear grandmother. How mean, or is it?

Book 3. He goes from being poor to rich just by visiting a factory.

Book 4. She knows how to blow up a tv and throw a reptile on the school head teacher.

Book 5. The characters in this book like to play mean tricks on each other, even though they are married.

Book 6. He lived at the back of a petrol filling station and could take apart a motor and put it back together again at the age of seven!