6 thoughts on “Look at the picture. What are you noticing? What are you thinking? What are you wondering?

  1. I am noticing 1 yellow bird and lots of brown birds. I am thinking that the yellow bird is being left out. I wonder why the brown birds are on a wall and the yellow one is not on the wall.

  2. I’m noticing that the miniscule yellow bird has been left behind. I am wondering why the others are not accepting the little yellow bid. I am noticing that the brown birds are walking along a small wall.

    -Alexia 6SK

  3. Hi Mrs Cooke,
    I am noticing 1 yellow bird and 6 black birds. Also the yellow one is the odd one out. Maybe she / he is not being let to play with the black birds. I think there could be some connection with the story of Rosa Parks.

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