7 thoughts on “Where do you enjoy reading? Can you make your own rhyming poem about where you like to read?

  1. I like reading anywhere I get the opportunity to.
    I’ll read in the sun,
    I’ll read with my mum,
    I’ll read when the car can turn,
    I’ll read on the beach even if I burn,
    I’ll read under the Christmas tree,
    I’ll read when its only me.

  2. Hi Mrs Cooke,
    Here is my poem about reading:

    I love reading
    I’ll read on a cat
    or read on a mat
    I’ll read at home
    or read next to a clone
    I’ll read at my bedroom
    or read in my classroom
    I’ll read in a jungle,
    even if there is a lot of mangle
    I’ll read in heaven,
    Even if it’d be next to a devil
    I’ll read here and there
    And read EVERYWHERE!!!

    By Shaza

  3. Hi Mrs Cooke
    here is my poem

    I can read in the car
    even with my mama
    because it doesn’t give you a lot of drama
    you can read about George Washington
    anything you name it!

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