Michael Morpurgo a hit!

Several of the Page Turners have not read any Michael Morpurgo books before and are really enjoying them. So much so that they are asking others to hurry up so that they can borrow the book that they are reading.

If you would like to try reading one of Michael Morpurgo’s many books we have lots in the school library – see Miss Whiteley.

You might also want to have a look at his website too


Michael Morpurgo Fan club Letters

Over the last few weeks The Page Turners have been reading various books by author Michael Morpurgo and have been thoroughly enjoying what they have been reading. Many of the group have decided to write letters to the author telling him how much they are enjoying his stories and asking him lots of questions about his characters, where he gets his inspiration from and about writing in general.

Once everyone has finished writing their letters Miss Whiteley will post them and hopefully in a few weeks we may even hear back from Michael.

Paper Flowers

Not content with just folding pages in a book, the Pageturners have taken things a step forward by creating flowers out of pages from old books.

Please note no books in good condition were damaged in the making of these book sculptures only worn out (well loved) and broken books!


Book Sculpture

Miss Whiteley had some old books that were falling apart, this is what the Page Turners decided to do with them.

DSCN1458    DSCN1459  DSCN1460     DSCN1461 DSCN1462   DSCN1463

Isha’s finished masterpiece!

DSCN1464     DSCN1465 DSCN1466Next week the others will be finishing their book sculptures so watch this space for an update on their creations.

Page Turners continue turning Batty


This week the Page Turners met and discussed their thoughts on the manuscript that they are proofreading, Going Batty by John Agard.

Cezara, Isha and Zelan think it is a good read so far and have given it a rating of 7 1/2 out of 10 although this may change by the time they finish the book.

Coni and Abi were delighted to find a mistake today, one of the chapter’s was named differently on the contents page to that of start of the chapter.

I wonder if anyone will find anymore mistakes……