Book Sculpture

Miss Whiteley had some old books that were falling apart, this is what the Page Turners decided to do with them.

DSCN1458    DSCN1459  DSCN1460     DSCN1461 DSCN1462   DSCN1463

Isha’s finished masterpiece!

DSCN1464     DSCN1465 DSCN1466Next week the others will be finishing their book sculptures so watch this space for an update on their creations.

We have been very busy recently


We have been very busy recently finishing superhero activities and books but unfortunately today is our last day until after the Christmas holidays.Today we have been colouring in Christmas stockings and doing word searches and enjoying every bit ,Oh and not forgetting the chocolate!!!!!!!!!!! ….mmmmmmmmm……DELICIOUS! by Abi and Izzy

DSCN0712           DSCN0713

Reading Superheroes

Be a Superhero Read


To coincide with children in Need, the Page Turners will be reading superhero themed books.

Some will be reading The Fabulous Four Fish Fingers, Frozen Fish Fingers both written by Jason Beresford while others will be reading Dave Pilkey’s Captain Underpants.

Next week we will also be busy creating a new display and make superhero masks.

Meet our new book loving boy band 2 Direction


Our bookmarks have been laminated so we are adding stickers to make them perfect .We are planning to create a book loving boy band with three clone Nialls , a Harry  and a couple of Zayns who love books and sing many songs about books! Unfortunately Louis and Liam never made the band for they were not very popular and so will not make it to enjoy the experience of being in between the pages of our books .