and the winner is…….

CKG_RGB_portraitThe winner of this year’s Kate Greenaway award has been announced!

The winner is a firm favourite amongst the Page Tuners so they are more than happy with the judges decision. The 2015 Kate Greenaway Medal is award to……………..

Shackleton’s Journey illustrated by William Grill


If you can take a look at this book, the illustrations are amazing!

Kate Greenaway Medal Update

The Page Turners are busy with shadowing the Kate Greenaway Medal.

Groups of Page Turners have been interviewing children from different classes and year groups about the books relevant to their age.

On Thursday 11th June Page Turners will be deciding which is the book with the best illustrations and on Monday 22nd June the official judges will be announcing their decision.

For more information about the awards visit:

Kate Greenaway Medal Shortlist Announced!


Today the shortlist for the Kate Greenaway Medal was announced.

The books are:

  • The Promise (8+ yrs)
  • Jim’s Lion (9+ yrs)
  • Shackleton’s Journey (10+ yrs)
  • Dark Satanic Mills (11+ yrs)
  • Smelly Louie (3+ yrs)
  • Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse (7+ yrs)
  • Tinder (11+ yrs)
  • Rules of Summer (8+ yrs)

After the Easter Holidays Page turners will be reading and discussing the books with children in different classes and will be using the CLIP Kate Greenaway Medal shadowing site.

Check out our school page run by Page Turners at:

For more information about the Kate Greenaway medal click on the link below:





Enid Blyton


At today’s meeting the Page Turners decided that the next author that they are going to read is Enid Blyton. Charlotte and Harneeka are big fans and have read numerous books. Some of the Page Turners had read a book/s or had heard of Enid Blyton while a few had never heard of her before!

Over the next month or so until the group start shadowing the Kate Greenaway Medal we will be reading Enid Blyton books, reviewing and discussing them.

Faraway TreeFamous Five  Malory TowersNaughtiest Girl



New member and Kate greenaway awards

Today Page Turners had a new member Coni.

We have decided that we are going to ‘shadow’ the Kate Greenaway Awards this year. They haven’t said what the books will be yet but we have been writing some notes on what we are going to put on our website for the Kate Greenaway Awards. We are also going to make a display themed with the Kate Greenaway awards.

here is a few of our ideas


book reviews


results theometer


We have been very busy recently


We have been very busy recently finishing superhero activities and books but unfortunately today is our last day until after the Christmas holidays.Today we have been colouring in Christmas stockings and doing word searches and enjoying every bit ,Oh and not forgetting the chocolate!!!!!!!!!!! ….mmmmmmmmm……DELICIOUS! by Abi and Izzy

DSCN0712           DSCN0713

Reading Superheroes

Be a Superhero Read


To coincide with children in Need, the Page Turners will be reading superhero themed books.

Some will be reading The Fabulous Four Fish Fingers, Frozen Fish Fingers both written by Jason Beresford while others will be reading Dave Pilkey’s Captain Underpants.

Next week we will also be busy creating a new display and make superhero masks.